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It's All In God Fun [part 2]

“Hey, nice. You guys got me!” David called, picking up the nerf bullet that got him in the torso.

The twins appeared on either side of their friend and smirked. They examined their friend; he was winded and looked about ready to collapse. The high fived behind the boy’s back.

“I think you’ve had enough, Hatter.” Ethan laughed.

“We think you’ve had enough. We’ve been playing for hours.” Evan elaborated.

“Since I got home.”

“Throw in the towel, Hatter. Thanks for distracting us.” Evan guided the boy back to Windsor.

The boys were dragged out into the maze the second David got through the doors of Windsor earlier that evening. They’d been running around for four hours with their nerf guns. David was a decent opponent, but the twins still won every game.

“Oh and tell Alice not to worry.” Ethan turned his attention to the boy.

“You knew?”

“We always know. We’re fine.” They explained.

David shook his head and laughed a bit. He should have known. The twins knew everything; they always did. 
The three walked through Windsor’s doors and the insanity began again. Dwight was running around with a spray bottle he had filled with holy water. Charlie was following him around, occasionally yelling at Drew and Spencer for trying to use the Windsor kitchen for their experiments. Wes was trying to calm Blaine down in a corner far enough away from Kurt, who was red in the face and ranting to Reed about how Logan was an idiot. Apparently time did not stop when you stepped out of Wonderland.

David ran right up to Wes’s side and began listening to everything that had happened. The twins could not have cared, they knew exactly what happened. Or at they knew all they needed to know. Logan had made an advance on Alice again and the Knave did not back off when the Rabbit had gotten involved. Now Windsor was a mess and all it took was a few comments from their Knave.

Evan and Ethan smirked in the direction of the madness and headed up to their room. They studied for until for an hour and watched the sky turn from a vibrant blue to a daunting gray.

“It’s raining,” Ethan told his brother as he looked out the window.

Evan looked up from the homework he had been working on, “You think he is out yet?”

Ethan just nodded. Evan closed his textbook and walked over to the window. Ethan looked up at his twin and searched his eyes for something. He had found it and smiled even though he looked as if he were about to cry. 

Evan smiled and ran his hand through his brother’s hair. The ice blue eyes that were staring up at him now were hidden behind pale lids.
“Well come on then,” Evan whispered, “Let’s go check up on him.” He opened the window and watched as Ethan jumped out. He looked to the left corner of the room and smiled at the camera. He knew Han was watching. Then he turned to the window and followed his brother down their own rabbit hole.

They had walked across campus, drenched, cold, and silent. The storm raged around them, but they kept moving. Their destination wasn’t too far. Evan knew what was going through the other boy’s mind. It was going through his too. The sepia eyes that haunted their dreams along with the emerald ones that glared back at them. 

They finally got to Stuart and stared up to the roof. There he was, the reason they lost Logan. Julian Larson-Armstrong in all of his glory. He liked to sit out on the roof when it rained. Something about the way the storm mixed with his tears while it tried to wash them away. The twins liked it too, along with the way everything felt new afterwards. They found a tree with a perfect view of Julian and sat down.
“What do you think he is thinking about?” Ethan asked as he snuggled into his brother’s side.


“And what’s Logan thinking about?” Ethan glanced up at his brother, his eyes blurring with tears.

“Laughing at what he just did to Blaine and Kurt while pining after Julian.”

“I’m not sure what would be more painful. If they got together or if they keep giving each other those longing looks when the other’s back is turned.” Ethan leaned against the tree.

“Both are disgusting.” Evan looked over at his brother and smiled.

Meanwhile Julian was daydreaming about telling Logan how he felt. The water clearing the trails of tears that had been on his face, everything smelling fresh and clean. Julian rested his forearm over his eyes.

It would start with Derek nagging at him, same reason every time. He’d finally give in, unlike every other time and he’d walk down to Logan’s room.

The prefect would be lounging about in his room or studying like a madman. Julian would come in and pull Logan away from whatever he was doing with four words. We need to talk. Logan would figure out that this was something serious and would drop everything he was doing just to listen to Julian.

Worried expression playing on his face. Julian would live in that moment, relish every second it was on his face, it might be the last time he’d see it if something went wrong. He’d tell the blonde everything, then and there. How he has watched as Logan chased after these singers time and again, even helped them along only to leave when things were too much to bare. 

The prefect would listen, just staring wide eyed as the tale unfolded again right before his eyes. Reliving the pain of every relationship he’d ever been in along with the pain that was in Julian’s voice. Unrequited love, the flame living inside of Julian for three years. Ever since the day they met. 

When Julian couldn’t possibly go on any longer he’d wait for a response. That’s all he ever did was wait. This would be the same old song he’d been playing for years. When Logan didn’t answer right away he’d get the hint and make for the door, hands catching his wrist. He’d glance down to find a flustered Logan staring at his floorboards.

-I didn’t know. 

Of course he didn’t. Julian had worn a mask for so long that now, as it cracked and fell away, he had no idea what to do. He felt like he’d been freed, as if nothing could compare to the weight of this love being lifted off his shoulders.

-I don’t want to lose you. I know I still have feelings for Kurt. When those go away-I know they will. I want to give this a try. I’ve loved you in the past, I want to try again.

On the last sentence Logan would gaze up into sepia eyes, emerald ones filled to the brim with affection. That’s all Julian had ever wanted. A chance, something that gave him the strength to go on. Knowing that these past three years haven’t been a waste made the actors heart flutter. He had a chance and that’s all he had ever wanted from Logan.

Thunder boomed around Julian, lightening flashing him out of his imagination. He was on the roof of Stuart house. Logan didn’t say any of that. Not a single word. He suddenly felt sick with himself for having such an active imagination. Cursing under his breath he sat up and put his face in his hands, crying.

The twins watched all of this in indifference. 

“When do you think they’ll realize?” Ethan whispered.

“I don’t know. All they are waiting on is each other.” Evan wrapped his arms around his brother when he heard the other boy’s breath catch in his throat.

When Logan and Julian realized their feelings for each other, the boys would have no hope to hold on to. They’d lose their Knave forever and surprisingly, they were okay with that. It hurt, but they wanted him happy. God they wanted him happy. It’s been so long since they have seen a genuine smile on the boy’s face.

They sat in silence, just watching the boy who broke down on the roof through every storm. They pitied Julian then rather than hated him. He’d been through so much that they’ve been through, the only thing he had that they didn’t was the affections of the one they loved.
The next day in the hall they saw Logan and pulled him aside.

“Dee, Dum, what do you want?” Logan snarled at him.

The boys grinned at each other at the sound of him calling them by their Wonderland names. “Oh nothing, Knave.”

“Then why was I dragged into an empty classroom on my way to Calculus?” He gestured to the room.

“We just wanted to catch up a bit. Have a thing for the Cheshire now, do we?” Ethan smirked at his old friend.

Shit! How’d they know that?

Pink dusting across his cheeks. “N-no!” 

“Riddle me this then, why do your eyes follow him out of a room?” Evan’s grin grew wide.

“Or why during performances, you search the crowd for him?” Ethan took a step closer to the Prefect.

“What does that matter to you?” Logan snapped. This was not good. Being this close to them was never good. He’d been avoiding them for this exact reason. He had feelings for Julian, but once put in a room with these boys he wanted nothing more than to hold them and apologize. 

“We won’t tell, Lo.” Ethan reassured him, another step.

Logan just avoided eye contact.

“Not talking? Hm, pity.” Evan moved to his brother’s side. They were now inches from Logan, who backed right into the wall.
Shaking their heads they each kissed his cheeks. Evan the right, Ethan the left. Evan lingered by his ear.

“That’s all we needed to know.” He whispered and then they were gone. 

Rushing out the door to the sound of the two minute bell and leaving Logan to recover from whatever that was. 

They were so strange, and that’s why he was so curious. They never did what he was expecting. They’d leave him alone for months and then pop up out of nowhere and pull this. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself and headed to Calculus, taking his seat seconds before class started. His teacher was not pleased. He spent most of the lesson thinking about how close they were. How they smell. What they said. Shit, he was going to have to teach himself the material during lunch if he planned on going to bed at a descent hour tonight.

Damn those boys and what they did to him. It simply wasn’t fair that they could walk away with no regrets. What he didn’t know was that they regretted every second they gave into their need to see him, to talk to him, to touch him. It was a constant battle the two would end up losing one way or another.
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